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Thread: Moto Gp 2

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    ok i got the verified bin & cue of moto gp installs fine no problems untill i go to play the game and it starts up plays the introand all that good stuff but befor i go to pick track, bike etc.. it closes and says can not continue without disk (the disk made from bin & cues is in)i also tried mounting the image with deamon but that doesnt help...also i got the no-cd crack from and still no good


    does anybody else have this problem
    is there a second play disk perhaps that i never heard of..
    any info would help..thanks

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    I did not have that problem, i just got the crack and played. try reinstalling it. your the first person i have heard that has had a problem.

    Or try launching the game from the launcher.exe in the game folder

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    still no luck
    i might just redownload


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