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Thread: Problem Running Robot City

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    here are the minimum/max specs for this game
    Max Supported Color Depth: 8-bit (256 colors); SVGA graphics(256 colors with 640*480 resolution)
    Min Operating System: Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later
    Min Processor Type: Intel 486 or higher 25 MHz
    Min RAM Size: 8 MB

    I got a 633 celeron with 256+mb RAM, onboard video--Intel® 82810 Graphics Controller and i have XP pro.

    I think that the likely problem is the graphics controller, as in display properties under settings all i can select for color quality is either 16bit or 24bit.

    I tried to run it by selecting *run in compatibility with Windows95 *run in 256 colors * run in 640*480 screen resolution. but NO luck. i get two black screens and then it quits right back to desktop. is it even possible to run this game on my comp? if yes, what could be the problem??

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    i found this bit after looking up in 'microsoft help' about running games with 256 color:

    """""""""""The Compatibility tab is available only for programs or games located on your computer's hard disk. It is not available if the program is stored on a floppy disk, compact disk, or a network. """""""""""""

    So, does that mean i could get lucky with ripping the game and running it from my HD??(or will it not run at all on XP, then i guess i could set up a dual boot or something? anybody?)


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