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Thread: Bf1942: Crashes On Loading A Any Level

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    I have both CDs for the game (but no cue files) of the flt.sharereactor version

    is this version buggy?

    cause everytime i load any level, even instant action is starts loading for a few seconds then crashes

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    have you burnt the cds yet, dont have the cue, you cand burn it with cdrwin5 without the cue file, it could be your game settings as i had the same problem with it, jut turn them down to low, and if your graphics card isnt to hot then youll get the crash?

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    well i know it isn't my game settings as i'm running a 9700 with 512mb of Corsair Ram on a 1.7ghz amd. i think it might be from the lack of cds

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    lack of cds ?

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    I had same prob on RETAIL bf192 + road to rome or whatever

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    Do you have a firewall installed?

    cuz I did and every time the level would load about half way it would crash. It was because it was asking my zonealarm for access to the internet. But the little window for access wouldn't pop up, so I didnt know it wanted access to the internet. After allowing it access on zonealrm (I don't think it matters if you let it access the internet or not as long as you chosse one or the other, and tell it to remember your choice) it did not crash anymore.

    Hope that helps.


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