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Thread: Home Networking Basics

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    Hey everybody! I need help to set up my home network. I will appreciate it if you can help me out directly. Otherwise, maybe you can direct me to a more specific place/forum. Thanks in advance!

    Here are the details:
    - W2K laptop (my work laptop, for which I do not have admin rights, and the workgroup is hardcoded)
    - W98 desktop (my home PC; I made the workgroup equal to the hardcoded workgroup of the W2K laptop)
    - Parallel printer connected to W98 machine (I already selected printer sharing)
    - IPs are dynamically assigned by my ISP (I share a T1 Ethernet connection with other units in my building)
    - using Linksys 5-port switch workgroup where both machines are connected and share the incoming internet connection.
    - in "My Network Places" on the W2K, I can see W98, but I cannot see the C drive or printer.
    - in "Network Neighborhood" on the W98, I can only see W98, nothing else.
    - In DOS, when I ping W98 from W2K, I get a timeout error.
    - In DOS, when I ping W2K from W98, I can see it (but this is not what I want)

    I believe it all has to do with the W98 network settings, and I have gone through several combinations of settings unsuccessfully. I'm not familiar with networks, so I am struggling with this stuff.

    My purpose: use my W98 home PC as a storage box and also use it to print from either machine. Therefore, I need W2K to see W98 (I do not care if W98 sees W2K).

    Is this too complicated, or maybe the level of detail is not enough?


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    I'm a pc idiot so any tech advice I would offer would probably be wrong.
    But I would advise you to repost (or make a link to this location) in SoftwareWorld.
    Some of those folks are very sharp!
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will repost in softwareworld.


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