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Thread: azureus help please

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    hello i am using Azureus and i am downloading "trainspotting" and i am connected to 45 seeds and 23 peers. my speed wont even go over 10KB/s anymore, this morning it was at 150KB/s or so, i have a 2mb connection and i have set my upload too 15KB/s. i left it to download and when i came bak the speeds had dramatically changed and wont go back up no matter what files i try. isit true that BT yahoo braodband cap the speed during the day time to late nite ? please help me thanks

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    Is this a public tracker you are downloading from? I used to get that when I was using public trackers. Also I believe there is a guide on how to optimize downloads/uploads for Azureus around here. Search for it. I gotta go now otherwise I would post the link to it. There is alsoa guide on how to reduce memory usage. It sure helps a lot.

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    one is private and one is public. private: 5seeds and 4 peers so far, and public:56 seeds and 34 peers. and the total with them both is about 12 KB/s, it wont go abpove that no mata what iv tried. i have a 2MB connection and i am on BT but iv heard that BT are capping downloads at a certain period of time? i have set my upload to 15KBs and download to unlimited and chnged the settings that everyone reccommends and i am usuing port 16278. i dont understand, i was getting my bandwidth maxed out earlier reaching speeds of about 180KB/s and now it wonteven go above 15 KB/s at most. any ideas on what to do? and about capping ?

    what can i do ? i dont get what is happening
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