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    Hey everybody! I need help to set up my home network. I will appreciate it if you can help me out directly. Otherwise, maybe you can direct me to a more specific place/forum. Thanks in advance!

    Here are the details:
    - W2K laptop (my work laptop, for which I do not have admin rights, and the workgroup is hardcoded)
    - W98 desktop (my home PC; I made the workgroup equal to the hardcoded workgroup of the W2K laptop)
    - Parallel printer connected to W98 machine (I already selected printer sharing)
    - IPs are dynamically assigned by my ISP (I share a T1 Ethernet connection with other units in my building)
    - using Linksys 5-port switch workgroup where both machines are connected and share the incoming internet connection.
    - in "My Network Places" on the W2K, I can see W98, but I cannot see the C drive or printer.
    - in "Network Neighborhood" on the W98, I can only see W98, nothing else.
    - In DOS, when I ping W98 from W2K, I get a timeout error.
    - In DOS, when I ping W2K from W98, I can see it (but this is not what I want)

    I believe it all has to do with the W98 network settings, and I have gone through several combinations of settings unsuccessfully. I'm not familiar with networks, so I am struggling with this stuff.

    My purpose: use my W98 home PC as a storage box and also use it to print from either machine. Therefore, I need W2K to see W98 (I do not care if W98 sees W2K).

    Is this too complicated, or maybe the level of detail is not enough?


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    HAve u checked out:

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    First of all you need to enable sharing. It been awhile but I thinks its control panel/networking
    In the frst tab for networking there should be a button in the middle File/Printer sharing or something like that. Open it and make sure everything is checked. Then in the printers folder right click on your printer and go to sharing and make sure that is already selected.
    Im pretty sure you did this already but it always best to double check.

    I know of some incompatibility problems with computer names and win 98. To be safe I would use one word in all caps (not sure about this but its worth a shot).

    I am not sure what else to tell you. Its weird that pinging only works one way. Im sure you restarted a bunch of times since then. I think that I need to go to your house to fix this one. It should work as long as youve enabled sharing. Ive set up a lot of networs and I don't know what wrong with you computers. Ever thought of downloading win XP corperate from kazaa. Win xp does networking so much easier.


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