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Thread: Bandwagons

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    It's really gay to jump on the latest file sharing method and bash previous methods...don't ya think?

    Peace bd

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    I hear you brother.

    Kazaa 4 Ever!

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    your right. just the thing is people look at the old school methods and laugh cuz they think "dang,i was only "this" good at using computers to get stuff people normally dont have access to" and when they get on a better thing,traditions are changed and new downloading era's begin so of course as you move up the hierarchy of net downloading with 0sec being the final line of prizes,you have to stop and really think,they really dissin or just dissing you cuz thats what you use now and they tryna force they methods of file sharing on you? kazaa is super old,i think we all used it at one point but most dont,limewire i dont and havent for years but did and i still respect it cuz i know a beatmaker that uses it for samples,just one tracker type of d/l'er. so what he does makes sense but whatever one uses i think another should respect but of course the higher up look down [literally] on those in the statings of supplier and leecher,with low level easy to get p2p at the bottom.

    BUT!! do what you do man,cuz its all for fun anyways in the end,forget what others think,its they opinion,even if its gay.

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    What exactly are the current bandwagons? I was under the impression is that the decline in the older methods (Napster...) was mostly due to successful lawsuits by the RIAA etc. And the only current new filesharing method really growing is bit torrents (and bit torrents only work well for popular files--not esoteric ones).


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