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Thread: Woah, Earthstation Messing Me Up

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    I just downloaded Earthstation, 1.01 from, and woah, when ever I try to download from it, like click search, it does something to my network, and I get an icon at the bottom of the screen saying "network cable unplugged" once I quit the program, everything goes back to normal, and I have internet agian, but each time I open it up and search, it ??unplugs my network cable??
    anyone help me with this please? I know some stuff about networking but maybe this even above my head, thanks all!

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    Are you that desperate? use dc, kazaa and bitto. Three of the best app for me so far and i got just about everything that I want, need. Heck, I'm so spoiled that I wont be buy anything for at least another century
    I have a reason too! no job, no wife, nothing. Just a geek on a computer with no life whatsoever.

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    is direct connect spyware free?

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    I would recommend to post this in the ES5 forum, for there are definitely more people who might be able to help you with your problem - that is what it is for (amongst other things).


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