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    I downloaded a max payne iso, and it turned out to be in french. Is there any way I can change it to english if I download the max payne rip from kazaa lite and switch the file labled "x_french.ras" with a file from the rip. If anyone can help me or give me another way to turn it into english, please and thanks in advance.

    One more question. Am I able to use a mod like kung fu with the french version, and how do I apply it to the game. Thanks a lot.

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    hi, kung fu ? in the game i had it only had the slow motion which is great when you dive and shoot, right click to start then right click to stop, this action.

    the max payne i got of kaza was 253.94*mb it worked great, got it last year i think, dont know if its still on kaza, but if you have broadband shoudent take long to download, hope this helps


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