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Thread: A Kick Ass Bittorent Site

  1. #1 also has links for edonkey/overnet, gnutella2 and piolet

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    I agree, very nice laid out site....I hope it lasts

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    I'll second that, it's a very good site.
    It's my new favorite Bittorrent site

    They could use some more seeders though...
    Matrix Reloaded: Seeders: 15 Leechers: 165
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    Thanks for that, looks good. I've been lost without SuprNova.

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    Wow, very nice!

    I've just been cursing my newsserver for corrupt files of the centropy Matrix Reloaded / X2 compilation DVDR on usenet - damn missing parts and CRC errors!

    My old bittorrent didn't seem to work, but got a new version and it's going well - slowly but torrents usually take a while to speed up.

    Oh and NotoriousBIC - add 1 to your Leechers count for Matrix Reloaded

    How do you become a seeder? I'm completely new to torrent, only used it once before on the one occasion that the buffy binaries groups failed to deliver a new episode before torrent

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    the problem is that, it may be shut down sooner then you think if words are out. remember, the RIAA/DMCA are on the hunt and kill! Be careful and never turn your back on them cause, they will stab you from behind like a ninja, like a shadow of the night!
    be wary, very wary. not that I am paranoid but just looking out for others.

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    I like the request feature, it's quite funny actually people are requesting
    The Hulk(movie not game) but it's not even released yet

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    Sharelive is down ,what a COINCIDENCE !!!(bittorent sites down)

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    A lot went down yesterday/today

    Oh well, every day at the moment I read here "moan moan moan kazaalite is crap nowadays, gripe gripe gripe."

    But it's still giving me what I want and faster than torrent at the moment too. Maybe there's life in the old fasttrack network yet

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    Its down allready!!!!!!!!! All i could download was Finding nemo.

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