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    Can anyone post a working hash for Object Desktop or the correct file size? I dl the one that was 5874 but after I fill in the info in the component manager and click update configuration it says cannot connect. Anyone know how to fix that possibly...thanx.
    Oh, and I am using Opera 6 but I do have Internet Explorer 6 but for some reason now that I use Opera I can't use Internet Explorer, I just get the error page always, maybethat has something to do with it also.....

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    File: Object Desktop Enhanced.exe
    Length: 6015234 Bytes,5874KB
    UUHash: =m80wKD+xgUCnZatg9DTMA1ehgvE=

    The code can be found in the .NFO file.... Use that code and the date to expire is like 1/1/ doesn't even check for verificiation!
    ..and you get all stardock stuff as soon as they're available!!!


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    I'm using it right now (for a half a year), but now I canīt connect to get updates anymore .
    I believe it's got obsolete since the release of Stardock Central.
    F**king need a crack to that probram. Is it possible?


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