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Thread: trancetraffic anyone?

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    hey guys ive been looking for this site for a while i really wanna see what its all about and get into it, i have god like ratios at all of my sites all double digits (if not more) and 1XX+ uploaded on all my sites, i have a seedbox however i dont have much to offer you but the respect youll gain when you invite me and the reputation you will build in the community because youve found such a good uploader. i know this site is hard to get but i dont have much to offere except tl and demonoid but maybe today will be my lucky day... thanks all

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    i can share my account with u only if u prove that u have seedbox

    pm me

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    Just curious, mate... If you have god-like ratios at "all your sites," why don't you have more than Demonoid and TL?


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