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Thread: Computer Speakers

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    hi .. im looking for a better sound system for listning to muisc and wathing films , i have a creatice labs 5.1 sound card and want some good speakers , with a budget of 100 pounds ...

    these are the ones i have found so far..

    'Creative Labs Inspire 6.1 6700 Speaker System' (87 pounds)

    Front and Rear Satellite Power: 8 Watts RMS per channel
    Centre Satellite Power: 20 Watts RMS
    Subwoofer Power: 22 Watts RMS
    Frequency Response 40Hz-20kHz
    Supports Dolby Digital Surround EX playback when used with Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card and Creative Multi-Speaker System (CMSS) technology
    Up-mixes surround to 6.1 channels when used with a 5.1 sound card
    Reinforced wood subwoofer with long-throw 6.5-inch driver and dual flared port tubes for clean bass
    Larger, more powerful centre satellite for clear vocal/dialogue

    Flexible wired remote volume control with power switch and bass adjustment plus headphone out for private liste

    what dya think ? are there any better ?

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    Well I've been looking for some myself and found these in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK.

    Videologic ZHR-550 ( - 5.1 Speakers, silver
    I'll try to get a copy of the review, but it is a glowing one compared to what some of their hardware reviews have been in the past, but here's a quote from near the end

    "Performance-wise, the ZHR-550 is on a level with Creative's 5.1 speaker series, so if you're eager to buy a new multimedia system, this comes heartily recommended"

    Price tag recorded is 80, so if you don't really care about the difference of 5.1 and 6.1 these are some pretty good speakers and you can still have 20 in your pocket, probably to get some more RAM for your PC at the same time

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    thanks man , apereicter the advice!

    im gonn check them out

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    i'm looking at getting some new speakers. i've got a budget of about 50/60. i was thinking about getting a set of video logic ZXR-500s, on the puredigital[video logic] site there's loads of good reveiws on them by magazines, but the reveiw of them on says they aren't very good. so i son't realy know which ones to get.

    one of my mates uses and recommends Creative Inspire 5100 5.1 speakers, but i'm not to sure about them

    anyone on here use either sets of speakers?

    ("couldn't find sever", hopes this isn't a double post)

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    Originally posted by smellmycomputer@1 June 2003 - 16:05

    one of my mates uses and recommends Creative Inspire 5100 5.1 speakers, but i'm not to sure about them
    i just spoke to my mate that has the 5.1 speakers , and he sais they are great for the price and worth it ... but he said if ya got the money its worth going for the 6.1 at 87 off amazon ... so i think im gonna do that

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    altec lansing are good. probably the best

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    Originally posted by TheDave@1 June 2003 - 18:00
    altec lansing are good. probably the best
    which model? because there are loads of different ones .... thanks

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    hands down - the klipsch promedia 5.1

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