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Thread: Why Wont My Files Share

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    does anybody know what i can do so that my files will share. for over a week now i havent been able to share files and everytime i load it up i get an error message saying "file read error". ive tried all the find media options but no matter what i do it wont share.

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    Then just say the hell with it and dont share anything. Its not your fault.
    Surely you dont use kazaa just to have other people download "your" files

    If you share you share, if you cant then obviously you wont.
    Dont get stressed out because you cant share your files, besides for right now no one can tell if your not sharing anyway because most people have the privacy option on and you cant tell if they share anyway.

    And by the way............I share. I think I have enough files here to share for the both of us until you correct your little glitch..

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    What are ur specs


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