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    i downloaded a copy of quake II and it says, only works in win 95/nt? why is that i am running windows xp professional, does anyone have a verified copy of it? please post the quick link

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    I got a org. copy of the game and Windows XP is not compatible with Quake 11
    I don't know if there is a patch for the problem. did you check the official website Of Quake?

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    have you right clicked the file and changed the compaitbily to windows 95? try that and see if it works.

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    Quake II runs under XP. Has anyone ever got that damn compatibility mode to do something for them anyway? If it was any good at all you'd be able to run the original Quake on XP. And you can't.

    Find another copy!

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    Maybe it is not compatible with your computer


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