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Thread: Death Metal fans

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    Any death metal fans out there?

    Entombed, Obituary, Death, Necrophobic, Dismember, etc.


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    You forgot Devourment.
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    I am into extreme metal, but mostly black metal and melodic or progressive death (mostly like Cynic, Atheist etc). I don't really like the traditional death metal bands.

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    yeah man deicide,cannibal corpse,sfu,At the gates,behemoth,Kataklysm......

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    Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation are on the top of my list.

    A friend and I in high school came up for our death metal band called Putrid Flesh. Our first song started out like this...

    Holy book of God, Holy book of lies...
    This isn't the way, fuck the holy way...

    That's as far as we got though .

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    As long as it's not melodeath, it's cool

    Ardeth In Pre-Production


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