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Thread: I'm in the market for my first PDA, any suggestions, info?

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    Mar 2006
    I've been looking at many sites selling PDA's and reading review after review. HP seems to make decent devices along with Dell. I'm not looking for anything super, just something to keep track of all my daily going-ons and the occasional wireless hot-spot connect to browse the net.

    Any experiences and suggestions would help. Thanks.

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    maxrebo's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    Feb 2007
    If you're looking for something general purpose with no phone, the Dell X51v is the best choice. If you're going for a PDA phone, it depends on your cell provider.

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    I use an Ipaq rx1955. I got it a little over a year ago. It has, by far, the best picture. It runs Windows mobile. I use it for movies, music, excel, and it includes 80211b. I paid $300 but I believe it can now be had for much less.

    A 1 gig SD card is the first thing you should add to it.

    my .02

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    I have a Dell Axim and it is great. It has bluetooth and wifi. I would also buy a memory card as soon as you get it. I have had my Dell for about 2 years and the only thing I would say is a problem is battery life on the standard battery that comes with it and it does not come standard with a 1gb sd card.

    But then again that is what Ebay is for.
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    The best, simplest, and most versatile PDA/Pocket PC out there right now is the HP iPaq H4350/H4355...

    It has an integrated keyboard, Bluetooth, and WiFi... eBay have a couple of them for around $150-$250...

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    I have an hx2485. It's good.


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