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Thread: The Matrix: Reloaded

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    If you are like me I've been searching since opening day for The Matrix Reloaded on Kazaa. First i found it on kazza lite by the makers TMD but as we all know they're quality sucks..... But as determined as i was, on exam night, i stayed up till 2 AM and finally found someone who had it almost DVD quality. And here i am to share the wealth.

    To get this file you MUST download earthstation5 from this link Earth Station 5 and after installation perform a search of a file Part1; Part2; Part3; and after downloading them they will be the matrix reloaded.
    note: these files are in .wmv file format. so if you run windows media player then no other codec is needed.

    enjoi, and SHARE!!!!!!!

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    I know there's a DVD quality file there somewhere - a friend has it and got it from kazaa, but doesn't know how to use sig2dat to send me the hash.

    I'm just hoping that the one I'm currently downloading from usenet is the same quality (It's big enough to be a good quality file, certainly not a botched TMD "encode"*, either that or a fake with a nasty virus embedded within the rar archives but fingers crossed )

    * I use the word "Encode" as there's no other word to use, but I feel by using the term I'm dissing all the good encoders out there who take the time and effort to make as perfect a file as they can - Thanks to all who do this (I'm still learning this fine art )

    **edit** Wow, that ES5 home page is purdy, If the software works as well as the homepage looks, then it may be good. What network does it use? Is it still a fasttrack client or is it something else?

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    alternativley go to sharereactor and use emule - far better.

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    seems like nobody wants to share the 1st svcd part...but the other 2 are.

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    Length:711053312 Bytes,694388KB

    Not perfect but as damn near as any other version around and only 1 file


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