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    I think its a compressed file (like a zip), but Winzip won't open it. Is it "WinRar" that I should use? If so, the last five I d/l from Kazaa all had viruses (virii?) - is there a virus-free version available somewhere?


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    Nope, winzip won't do.

    WinRAR is what you need. Easy to use, just right click on the compressed file (winRAR archive) or in the case of multi-part files, hold down ctrl and highlight all parts of the file, then right-click and choose "extract files". WinRAR will then create a new folder and extract all the compressed files there. Easy as that

    get winRAR from (get the trial version, it's free and will suffice for your needs - and it should be virus-free from the official source )

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    Or use WinAce! That one opens them all!

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