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Thread: Really have problem with member WannaTrade

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    Dear members I really having a problem what a noob called himself WannaTrade!!!!

    I posted a couple of weeks topic for anybody wanted to trade against TT invites. I invited in total 10 people. One of them was WannaTrade!!!

    (I posted this topic already in report section) but apparanty mods love this noob sooo much!!!!)

    He send me pm, he wanted invite blalbalbal suddenly he switched topic he wanted FWR or Exigo invites, when I already send him an invite. So he said yeah we are going to trade for Exigo and not TT invites WTF I already send you an TT invite I told him.

    Not that I give a fuck about TT invite, but I said to him m8 I already sent you an TT invite, he said no I never get an TT invite from you ( I am sure he does).

    Then I posted this in report section, but apparantly nothing happened. Then suddenly on my TT account I got an message what is your msn m8.

    I added this person,and I said m8 I still get invites from you. This is msn conversation:

    you offered me... invites right?
    OSAMA zegt:
    OSAMA zegt:
    i got this acc from wanna trade
    OSAMA zegt:
    do you know hime
    i traded with him
    OSAMA zegt:
    what should he give you
    OSAMA zegt:
    i gived him fb
    OSAMA zegt:
    and got tt+nb
    FB or Exigo he toldme
    OSAMA zegt:
    OSAMA zegt:
    his fb acc was stolen yesterday
    OSAMA zegt:
    and i disabld it for him
    why do you want to post to in fst
    OSAMA zegt:
    about wanna trade
    he is a nice guy
    cuz his fb was disabled
    OSAMA zegt:
    how can he give you fb invite while his acc was disabld

    he told me he didnt get an TT invite
    OSAMA zegt:
    OSAMA zegt:
    he layied

    OSAMA zegt:
    OSAMA zegt:
    he deserve it
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    I don't know what to say I traded with wannatrade, he may be a little too doubtful, but everything went fine, I trusted him with a czone acc and he sent me what i wanted the next day after I confirmed the email change for him

    Did you talk to him enough about this before posting? sometimes he is slow to reply!
    Also can't you see in your TT acc if he used the invite or not?

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    You posted gibberish in the Report section about three different members.

    We could barely even understand what you were even talking about. In each of the threads we requested that you post more information in a coherent fashion, which you never did.


    The FST group


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