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Thread: A Arse Ip Keeps Buggin I Blocked It

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    I have found a REALLY Pesky IP that is always trying to conect to me.
    Its from Germany and is

    Operates from - 217.237.16

    I dunno what it does, but its ALWAYS trying to fuck me.
    I have put it up here so you guys can update your guardian database.

    Maybe/hopefully lets put any new *Pains* in this post for easy access?

    Hope this helps some.

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    I had that same IP try to fuck me in da ass wit a cigar!

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    maybe you got a trojan, theres one going round i had it and it was from germany. get some anti-virus stuff cos it infects all your exe's so you cant delete it but it can corrupt em

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    That avator is seriously f****d up.

    Yeh so about this ip address, i think its a trojan, ive had experience witht them before.
    Update your anti-virus database and scan your comp or your shared folder mainly!

    If you cant detect anything, try and find any symptons of trojan use on your comp, and find whats the Originating file, then Query it on a search engine i.e. google, and try and delete it.

    Only if it is a trojan tho. Probably jus some bullcrap!

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    i had ports scans from this company to its a german telecom company same as italia telecom
    block them all . i think there all working for all the large american companys then pass on the imformation, and they collect a fat check for their work

    all port scans are coming through UDP 137 this will affect win 95 and 98. then UDP 139 wich affects win 2000 and XP users make sure you got your shields up because i have

    and btw udp = Usenet Death Penalty heres the link

    Usenet Death Penalty

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    I added it, just curious to see if it pops up.

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    couldve been just a german proxy


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