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Thread: Pc Lagging

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    i got a emachines etower 633ids wit win98, lately its been laggin real bad i didnt install anything lately like the mouse (optical, i cleaned it) will jump from place, the hdd will grind louder than usall, and slower start up

    could this pc be at the end of its days?

    emachines 633ids
    128mb mem
    15gb hdd
    8mb vid card
    linksys NIC
    sony cd-rw 24/10/24
    oem dvd rom

    need any more?

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    sorry to say it mate but i think it is time for an upgrade. like to linux that will run quickly on that kinda machine

    it is still a very usefull machine but more power is always nice.

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    yea but its my mom's and i dont wanna teach her linux

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    try slappin another stick of ram in, pretty cheap nowadays,

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    The speed of your pc is not the problem or any of your hardware, its the brand of pc you are using. Emachines are notorious for having problems after you had them for a while. They are basicly throw away computers. My suggustion is to build your pc as you can do what you want with it and now you can build a good system for like $500 with everything you need. You could even use so of the parts from your old pc to save money. But for now you may want to see whats in the start up and disable some things. You could also defrag the hard drive. You could even try to upgrage windows. Or as someone else mentioned put atleast 256 of ram in it. But like i said before you should build a new pc when you can afford it.

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    That computer is still good for general stuff, browsing the internet, wordprocessing, etc. It may take a little debugging or a complete Windows reinstall. Try defragmenting your harddrive first.

    I personally think emachines are poor quality but they are still workable.

    If you intend to play the latest games then get a new PC.

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    If you know how to reformat i would do that. Pc's run much better after a reformat.

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    yea, all my mom does is play java games, i use it to burn movies (data) i tried defragin but not alot of luck

    yea it was a badass computer.............5 years ago

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    Bad HDD.

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    Could be a bad HDD, but i had the same grinding noise like a few months ago, now i dont hear it at all. dont know what caused it in the past. it was pretty consistent for while too back then. runs like a champ now and didnt do anything to it.

    I would Format before defragment, but thats just me. the amount of time it takes to defragment, could be a fresh new install wich will run better. i guess nortons utility would be faster though. (on some computers.)

    $500s build a computer?
    hmm lets see...

    Motherboard just a decent one updated pretty good-$55s, or even a better one for like $70s. Mines is a biostar with 2 gigs ddr supported ram, 5 PCI Slots, 4 usb slots, 166mhz FSB, and AMD btw.

    Processor, $42s athlon xp thoroughbred 1700+ (1.4mhz, these cpus are easily clockable to 2.2 mhz Plus.)

    Heatsink/fan , for $5s, volcano 5, or $7s, $13s, ( forget what it was )volcano 7.

    Graphics card, pick your choice , i bought the ti4200 gforce card for $140, but its available online for $110, or get a gforce mx for $40s.

    Harddrive, $80 40 gig western digital or, 8 gig at a local pc surplus store for round $10s.

    Case, $35s min, $60s for even better.

    Soundcard, Creative live 5.1 for $40s online, and in stores for 50 something $'s.
    Better yet for saving dollars, integrated sound is do able.


    Thats with the max prices i put down.

    not maxed
    , cheapest but still decent...

    $222s take out the 40 gig harddrive, and go with the $10 one ,and ya get $142.

    it cost me...
    $216 cause i had to get the Ti4200 64mbs wich was the most expensive part for me.
    i had the harddrive from old computer, cd burner, and ram.
    Sounds like you only need the "basics", motherboard, cpu, heatsink, maybe Power supply unit if youdont have a $350 watt one already, and maybe graphics card, and later ram.


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