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Thread: Avi File Compression

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    I have a avi/divx file that that i want to convert/compress to the smallest i can get it to..File size is 705,186KB/108.02 Length. I have noticed a few files from what i can tell have been reduced in size and that are i think .wmv format? What is the best program/utility to use for compression..and that will be error free in playback once the file has been converted? Thanks in Advance

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    If u want a lossless compression ie quality stays the same then u might not have much luck, a well encoded divx film will not compress that much with zip or rar. If u convert the file to another format (eg wmv) most likely u will lose some quality, programs like virtual dub will allow you to reduce the bit rate of a divx (ie lower quality and size) but its a fairly slow process. Why do u want to shrink it? A file that size will fit nicely onto a cd won't it?

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    the fact it, that compressing a file will make it worse quality, once u are willing to accept that compression will be easy, first get

    Virtual Dub also known as Nandub both are slightly different versions of the same system

    then get a big codec pack the k-lite one will be fine but u cant go wrong with nemo if ya want.

    the open the video file in virtualdub

    go to

    1) Video

    2) select full video processing mode

    3) then select compression

    4) then select the codec u wish to compress with, use divx if new at it, once u have tried it a few times and know what u want go onto xvid

    5) select the birate u want, each birate is a different quality, the lower the worse!! (use a birate calculator to work out the file size)

    6) come out of that and go to audio and select full processing mode

    7) select audio compression

    8) select mpeg 3 or lame acm encoder

    9) pick the audio quality. the lower the smaller the size the worse the quality, (Note 128 is usually fine and will sound quite good, anymore and the audio gets really good but not really a noticable difference)

    the go to file save avi and give it half an hour to encode your new smaller avi file

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    I agree, the current format is probably the smallest you can make it and still have good quality. If you're not that concerned about the quality, then converting it to a .wmv will probably produce the smallest possible file size. You can create them with Windows Media Encoder.

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    Thanks guys for your help...especially yyiryyib for taking the time to type out the steps

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    I got it converted using Windows Media Encoder down to like 189,000 kb or so..How do i make the screen so everything doesn't look so bunched up and rather long/narrow on the screen

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    try opening it in a media player and selecting wide screen format or converting it into wide screen format when u make it, hope that helps

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    Try Dr divx. It's bought and payed for with a serial and in my shared folder. It just came out recently and Im sure a couple other people have it as well.
    Just do a search on kazaa, "kazaa lite" that

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