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Thread: How Do I Restrict Memory Bandwidth?

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    I was wondering if it would be possible to set the transfer speed or something like that of a computer connected to mine on a network... you see in our household im the one serving the internet and my brother, who leeches off of it, almost always has about 20 downloads going on kazaa, making our adsl feel like 56k...

    So essentially im looking for a way to set the amount the of bandwidth going to my brothers'.
    btw i have win xp pro and my brother win xp home. the adsl modem is only connected to my computer and a switch gives access to the others'.

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    try netlimiter, you can set it so your bother will feel like hes on 56k and you will be on dsl it says its 28 day trail but ive had it for 3 months

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    thanks alot! ill check it out

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    If anyone wants the serial PM me.


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