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Thread: Avi Files A Simple Guide

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    Here is a guide to avi files

    Avi compression

    It seems to me every week somone posts a topic on avi compression and asks what to do so here ya all go, hopefully it can be kept within the first page to stop the same questions.

    1) get virtual dub Virtauldub homepage

    2) Now get the k-lite codec pack or the nemo codec pack that can be found here nemo codec pack if the link dont work seach for it you're all quite capable.

    3) install both

    4) select the file u want to compress in virtaul dub (easy isnt it )

    5) select video

    6) full processing mode

    7) now compression select the codec u wish to use, divx is a good starters codec and xvid for those who have a little more experience as it can be a little tempremental, just find a stable version and your laughing

    8) select the birate u want, 2000 is usually good but u can have whatever u want depending on the size of file u want (lower is smaller but worse quality) note; use a birate calculator if u want to know the exeact size of the file

    9) select audio

    10) select full processing mode (sound farmiliar???)

    11) Now compression

    12) choose mpeg layer 3 or lame acm

    13) select the birate (128 - 160 shound be fine) Remember to choose the right type 44,000Hz or 41,000 Hz or it wont work

    14) once that is done select save avi file and wait while it encodes

    15) optional step; click save template, now when u open virtauldub to do this again it will load the settings u have now it will save time if your doing it alot


    Get your self isobuster isobuster page

    (Note this will also work with cd image files if they are mounted)

    1) Put the cd in or mount the image

    2) Open iso buster and select the cd drive

    3) go the largest folder, (the one with mpeg on it) i think u will find it, the file should be a dat fileand about 600megs

    4) right click and select save mpeg2 files and save it with <name>.mpeg (thats very important or you will get a nice useless dat file &#33;&#33;&#33

    5) i assume u have a mpeg 2 codec if not the k-lite pack has one u need th full pack tho&#33;

    6) open the file in TMPEGnc and encode to mpeg i will asume u all know how cos this is an avi guide

    7) if it says it&#39;s not a supported format open the file in media player pause it then try in TMPEGnc then it should work

    8) wait about 2hours and u should have a nice normal mpeg to play with then follow the first guide about compression just open it in virtaul dub

    That should be all u need to know

    Pm me for any probs u have and i&#39;ll try to sort em out for ya

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    Stay in the first page, grrrr stupi post, i hope its pinned or somthing

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    actaully some admin, conerpocket or somone please move my post to movieworld, Please, it will do more good there

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    Actually, you shouldn&#39;t install both K-Lite and Nimo codec packs. They can cause conflicts.

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    2 Hours??, ive just tried a 300meg avi and attempted to convert it to svcd and the time it had to complete was 14 hours and it was still going up when i decided to cancel it, i am now going to try to convert it to vcd but i very much doubt that it will take anything like 2hours, more like 6 or 7. also if this was a proper film .avi so 600-700meg then you are talking 24 hours to convert it (on my pc). I have a pent3 650, 196meg ram. 12 gig hdd, 8meg graphics card and XP. it is also a laptop so its not easy or cheap to update the hardware.


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    in virtual dub is there any way to increase the speed at which you convert using virtual dub other than lowering the bitrate?
    i&#39;ve noticed a pull down menu called "processing thread priority".
    will changing this from normal to high or even higher increase the speed at which the conversion is done?

    p.s. stoi, i feel your pain

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    the higher the priortiy the faster it will go yes,
    i have a 2000+althlon and it does it in about 2 hours&#33;

    As for the codec packs, confilicts dont bother me, i know what i need and what i dont need, also a few things dont like my pc like the morgan multimedia stream switcher.

    I kinda know what im doing

    Yes lowering the birate will make the file go faster cos it will be smaller (AVI ONLY)

    When converting to MPEG it doesnt matter how big the avi is it makes no difference, the only thing that will is the length of the avi file&#33;

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    it doesn&#39;t take too long on my system (athlon 2700+, 512 meg corsair ram), but it can&#39;t be fast enough for me.
    i&#39;ll try increasing the priority and see if it helps any

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    it will, but the problem is dont try doing anything, if your doing things the time it will take will shoot up.

    Mine usually says 4 hours when it starts then it drops really fast to about 1.30 if u do things it will take hours longer, just leave it and it should go and be done. go out, watch tv etc, but dont touch the computer&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    right i got an email about how to rip the mpeg off a vcd so here it is.

    1) First get iso buster IsoBuster

    2) Then put the Vcd in or mount the bin/cur file

    3) Then open isobuster, once its installed of course

    4) select the drive the files mouned on, in IsoBuster (Quite easy isnt it )

    5) Select the folder called MPEGAV

    6) select the dat file (it should be quite large, e.g most of the cd)

    7) Right click and selct save MPEG2 file

    8) Call the file <what ever you want>.MPG <------- That bit .MPG is very important if u dont do that u will be left with a dat file

    9) have an MPEG2 Codec from the k-lite codec pack

    10) put the file into tempegnce select the setting u want (high quality) then click go

    11) wait however long it takes and then u have an mpeg ready to be converted as said at the top of this page or u can do waht u want with the mpeg&#33;

    There u go&#33;

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