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Thread: What are your favorite comics?

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    I was just wondering how many people on filsharingtalk read comic books. I know there is a fairly large file sharing community out there and, as a result, its difficult to really narrow down anything new to read as almost everything is available.

    Most of the stuff I read is stuff I already buy and collect anyway. I figure the responses I get here will give me a good indication of whether or not I should ever mention comics in the forum again

    Anyway. My alltime favorite comic is The Sandman by Neil Gaiman.

    My current favorite is Fables by Bill Willingham and Co. I also greatly enjoy X-Factor. The X-Men are my guilty pleasure, and X-Factor is the best written book amongst the family of books, imo.

    Does anyone else have anything they'd like to recommend? I tend to like Vertigo comics and I lean towards planned stories rather than serials. So um.. Savage Dragon is not my cup of tea. I also happen to believe we are in a golden age of comics (or maybe slowly exiting one... after all the comic book movies fade out). And that the early to mid-90s were a dark dark time for fans of good stories.

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    i was just reading calvin & hobbes, i really like some themes around the kid
    , by the way does anyone know a place where there's comics for download?
    i mean calvin and hobbes, and other of course :p

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    Robotech and the fantistc 4

    I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there's evidence of any thinking going on inside it. (Terry Prattchet)

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    First post!

    i actually just started to read comics. I dled y-the last man by accident and have since moved on to spider-man, the new x-men and I have all the House of M and Civil War comics. I don't know if this is really noob of me to say, but i love spider-man, freaking hilarious.

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    x-men and spider-man

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    Non sequitur
    frank miller
    and some other random stuff i see in the papers
    I hate most which apear in newspapers though - too easy.

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    I recommend The Invisibles by Grant Morrison - this is quite a mindf*** - i luv it.

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    I tend to buy the trade paperback version. My favourite is probably the Preacher series but I really enjoyed Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and From Hell. I have most of the trade paperbacks of The Sandman but I haven't really got round to reading them yet. I should really try and read The Dark Knight Returns as well. I have a load of different ones on my book shelf waiting to be read like Promethea and Tom Strong. I find it difficult to read them on my computer or laptop so I have to buy them if I really want to read them.

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    My all time favorites are :
    - Sandman (Neil Gaiman)
    - Usagi Yojimbo (Stan Sakai)

    I like Frank Miller and a few others as well (Books of magic, Death, ...)

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    Spiderman (all except Ultimate)
    The Authority
    The Watchmen
    X-Men (all except Ultimate)
    The Age Of Apocalypse run
    Alpha Flight (the first 30 or so issues)
    Mutant X (the one with Havok)
    The New Mutants
    Rising Stars
    The Invisibles
    Evil Ernie
    Alias (Marvel MAX)
    What If?
    Marvel Comics Presents
    Crisis On The Infinite Earths
    Preacher name a few

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