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Thread: Ram

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    wot does the ram actully do for a pc
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    makes programs work, that is where everything is ran from. the more the better.

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    read access memory! information is held on the hard disk, information which is being run and used by the computer is held in the ram. So the more ram the better/faster the computer runs

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    sorry yeah random, i changed it but it didnt update, oh well thats technology for you

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    the more ram you have=the faster your computer runs and you can run more programs at once.

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    think of your computer as a desk.
    the hard disk is the drawers in the disk. this is where all the important documents are kept so you can access them when you want. however it might take you some time to find those documents (files).
    ram can be though of as your desk space. you can store some things on the desk and find them quickly, but depending on the size of your desk you might not have a lot of desk space. when a program is running, it likes to use some of your desk space. the more programs you have running, the more desk space you need.

    the speed of access of the ram is approx 150000 times faster than hard drive.

    p.s. i hope this isn't too confusing.

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    Also RAM is only being used when your computer is turned on and all data is lost. So using worpad is using RAM and everything you write is stored in RAM. Ifyou just turn off your pc all your work will be lost, but saving it will store it on your hard disk.

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    just about all operating systems use the hard drive as a substitute for RAM if you don't have enough RAM to run all the programs you've opened, but like newbienewbienewbie said... RAM is much faster than any hard drive. so the more RAM you install, the less the PC will have to shift temporary data around on the hard drive, and the faster your PC will get things accomplished.

    this principle also applies to 3D graphics cards, as 3D programs and 3D games can generate an incredible amount of data which is stored in the memory on the graphics card. and when the graphics card doesn't have enough RAM, the programs access the hard drive more frequently and slow the whole process down.

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    thanks everone im of to buy sum more now
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