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Thread: If You Wanna Talk About Stuff Other Than Rap

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    I wanna know of some punk, rock and metal bands who are local to your area and would have mp3's available on p2p...Plus the punk, rock and metal bands that you would rate that are already famous...Im on 6500mp3's and im getting stuck on what else i wanna listen too...hope you can help...

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    Listen to Electric Six..cant get enough of them right now. Also, try The Descendents, Operation Ivy, Radiohead and Capdown Bit of a mixed bag there

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    four tet, electronica/jazz type music is very soothing, takes ur mind of craig muthafuck david for a sec (if ur into him)

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    I'm really into 2 bands right now, A Static Lullaby and Rise Against.

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    Rise against are good, right now im into Authority Zero, Motion City Soundtrack, and Death By Stereo. check out the song Don't Call it A Comeback By motion city Soundtrack, and unstoppable by death by stereo. if you havent heard them already that is

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    Yeah, i'd like to see more threads about rock etc, not just Rap and whosbetter/best/etc stuff.
    Im not dissing here so keep the battles and those stooopid remarks out of here !

    My latest new "found" was Andromeda
    , the progressive metal band, not the techno-thingie.
    Specially album II = I (two is one) has a grip on me.

    For local stuff, i gotta recommend Blofeld, they just got a single out,
    they play 70's type off rock, lil' bit like Kiss. (got the whole album btw, its called Roctopussy)

    And ofcourse, even more "underground" stuff: my own creations !
    Got some links on the sig, check em. Im on SoulSeek too, so if you
    really wanna get more different-types-of-music, i suggest you try SS, it kicks butt !



    He he, just found you in the KLF-MusicWorld room...
    Got all the files in there on my shares, just browse and DL.

    Spoiler: Show

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    Blues and Jazz.So many names of Artist and Bands out there though....will make a List later.

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    I discovered a cool band called The Bone Machine, it's a little heavy, but it was cool. Unfortunately I don't remember the guy who had it, and somehow I lost it from my shares... but it'll be there again one of theese days

    And of course you should definately check out Guitar-Slingers tracks, compared to us (Blofeld) he actually knows how to PLAY the guitar

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    Artains, they are a local band from my school. They all just graduated. I went to their concert on wednesday night, bought a CD, converted the files, and put them on kazaa. im the only person on kazaa with them, so if you wanna hear some kick ass songs, or just help me out

    A Ballad In B

    Drop Dead

    Hoping For the Best.mp3

    i have a dsl connection, so you should be able to get them fast, anytime

    if for some reason they dont download, pm me, ill ill figure something out

    *edit* ok, i give up, i cant figure out how to work those sig2dat things

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    Jeff Lang
    John Butler
    Good blues stuff

    Dogdip local band in my area of course no one would no them

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