P2P provider Azureus, which provides software and technology for the transfer of large media riles, said Thursday that it had launched Vuze, a legitimate service that would specialize in high-quality video content.

Vuze will feature both DVD and HD-quality content, and offer premium content from around the world. BBC's hit television series Sorted as well as original programming from premium network Showtime will also be offered. Azureus claims that the pre-release version of the site, code-named "Zudeo," had been visited by more than two million unique visitors in just the first two months. It says its offerings are currently unmatched in the entertainment industry.

"Vuze recognizes that the next generation online video experience lies within the integration of licensed and self-published content showcased in a theater-like viewing environment," Azureus CEO Gilles BianRosa says. Enhancements over the beta include better navigation to allow support for what is expected to be a massive influx of content, as well as more options to publishers on how they can offer their content for purchase or rent.

Video would be offered "at a very low cost," and the company plans to provide several popular television shows for free to its users. Free content from self-publishers will also be included. Azureus' current partners include the BBC, Showtime Networks, A&E Networks, Bennett Media Worldwide, G4 TV, National Geographic, Starz Media, and some 20 other media companies.

Source: BetaNews