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    For people that like comics/manga.. has many japanese mangas for download, free.

    My personal favorites are:

    Hikaru no Go - a kid get inhabited by an ancient ghost, who was a Go (game like chess) master in his time.

    Hunter x Hunter - A boy searching for his father, an ex-assasin, a wanna-be doctor, and the last living member of a murdered clan. These four bond together in an exam that tests all. Who will pass? And what awaits them after it's all over? - from

    I also have all of Hikaru no Go (ecxept for the last chapters) on soulseek.

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    TW is a good site for scanslated manga. Hikaru no Go is a really good manga. My other favorites are Naruto, Shaman King, and One Piece. They are all great.

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    thanks for that anyone know anymore? thanks

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    plz don't flame me

    I prefer the anime over the manga i have 1-72 (3more to go).

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    I can enjoy the anime and the manga both : ) is the best one that I know of..
    Been going to it for many a day.
    I'll look around more more like it.

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    TW sucks ass they took down the naruto mangas and I don't know where else to get them 'cept IRC.


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