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Thread: Shareaza....downloads Vanish

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    hi there...ive been using shareaxa for the past week and generally its great...apart from the constant crashing and the fact that one day you come in to see how the downloading has gone on and they've vanished

    so i have 6 dat files sitting in the 'incompletes' folder and no apparent way to resume downloading....a bit annoying considering 1 took a week to download,is 554mb and still has 100mb to go!!!!

    if i cant continue with them on shareaza can i transfer them here on kazaa with that dat thingy...actually forget that(dumb)..i just realised i wont have the original sources...ha ha...

    anyone kknow how to get the darn things working on shareaza

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    6 dat file?? you should only have 2 dat files, rest are incomplete files!! Clean install shareaza, download the lastest version and see if those problem are still there.
    btw which OS are you using?

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    This happened to me as well last night, i read up on it on the sharaza forum so i will try to recite it the best i can.

    Ok you have 2.dat files in your incomplete folder, 1.dat and 2.dat, 2.dat is an old one and 1.dat is the brand new one that shareaza makes when you open the program, now sometimes shareaza makes a new 1.dat with nothing in, there is no reason that anyone knows of why it does this as it should make one just like 2.dat but it doesnt. if you closed the program down (and DONT) open it again, then you can saveyourself here, all you have to do is delete the 1.dat and rename the 2.dat to 1.dat and the restart sharaza and they should all be back. But if you restarted sharaza again after you noticed all the downloads are gone, like 99% of ppl would (including me) then all you will have are 2 dat files of the same size and your screwed basically, you have to start all over again. (like i had to).

    Now the developers are aware of this problem and there are plenty of threads about this on their forum if you want to have a look. and i would have thought that the first thing they would have tried to solve is this bug in the program before they started with adding other clients to it. even the brand new version does this and its been going on for some time, they just havnt either got round to it, or they dont know how to fix it, but i admit its very annoying to see all your downloads (that have been going at dial up speed(even though im on cable)) disapear like that with absolutley no come back.

    hope this helps in some way (and makes some sense)


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    thanks..i downloaded the new one to no avail so i basically deleted the dat files ...there are or rather were shareaza dat1 and 2 if thats what you mean then the incompletes.....

    i looked on the forum and your right ! a few have this problem..its just not worth downloading anything until its sorted out...i'm certainly not wasting another week on half a file that disappears


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