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Thread: Why Broadband Isn't Broadband?

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    anything slower then 3mbit to me is really shitband, crappyband. cheapband. LOL. Agree or disagree?
    It is possible for me to get 6mbit/384k thought but I have to shell out another 55 a month for currently; 1.5mbit/256k... Can you say, rip off?
    I'm not stupid you know they can suck on my huge cock thought cause at this moment, 45 is already paying too much. with my phonebill and extra crap they put on it, I am paying 90+ a month.
    I'm sorry I don't have money to burn or that I just don't see that is reasonable at all!!! They threat bandwidth as if it was gasoline, god damnit capitalism that breed on others hard earned cash, asshole.

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    Why don't you start your own ISP then?

    I'd be willing to go as high as $15/month for a T3 line.
    Sign me up.
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    which side are you on man? why not just pay them 1000 a month because you can afford it?
    the point is to have broadband widely available, not to milk a few individual like you and me...
    or maybe you head is so buried deep in your arse that it cannot be pulled out. I feel your pain. I will excuse you...

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    which side are you on man?
    No offense, but definitely not on your side. I pay something that would be about equivalent to $50/month (including the thing on the phone bill) for 256/96k - WAY worse than what you have. And i'm actually really happy because i know that
    1) Tech support is a toll-free number, and sometimes i would spend over an hour just talking to them about stuff i could do to improve my overall internet speed, and other stuff. The guys at the ISP seem to have a lot of time, even though it's a huge ISP.
    2) I'll never get a letter about filesharing. My ISP would rather kill every RIAA member than get a bad name and losing money by cutting off a user.
    3) Internet's constantly getting cheaper because of competition.

    So, i definitely support the ISPs on this one. Maybe not the ones that put a cap on bandwidth, now THAT's bad, no matter how marge the cap is. Internet should be unlimited.

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    the average 512 ADSL line isnt technically broadband. i read somewhere that it has to be over (1M maybe??) to be true broadband, otherwise its something else, but the memory eludes me ....(damn, gotta stop drinking)

    But anyway, in the majority of cases, broadband isnt actually broadband
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    Well, in the UK it is technically ISDN and if that aint broadband then I don&#39;t know what is&#33;

    I&#39;ve got a 576k connection sharing the line with my voice phone. When I worked in Telecomms we referred to sharing the same pipe to deliver voice, data and other services as broadband - so it&#39;s a generic term, not a specific service type.

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