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Thread: Windows XP installation DVD

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    david02's Avatar only human BT Rep: +1
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    Aug 2006

    once I downloaded the winx xp black edition DVD but I am curious:

    what do you think is the best '''home made'' windows xp installation DVD available totday on the pnp networks?

    thx for your replies

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    memnom's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Feb 2007
    its just nothing but standard XP w/sp2 with hella lota softwares thats all u get

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    Quote Originally Posted by memnom View Post
    its just nothing but standard XP w/sp2 with hella lota softwares thats all u get

    Some are different the Crystal is a lot lighter , fits on a cd . Most you don't have to enter a key , software is already cracked as well . You can still pick and choose what you want to install or later insert the disk and run Win post installer to try some of the goodies . Its a tool like any else how you see fit to use , is up to you .

    Indigo is my colour of choice right now but like trying different ones , all the work is done for you . I was reading a forum where the poster was looking for a Vanilla copy of XP Pro , thought what the hell ! Just a pre sp1 XP Pro Corp. so he could add his own programs I'm guessing ?
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    i'm thinking about giving tinyXP a go, it's amazingly small, fits on 390MB on the HD.

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    You should use M$ Windows Xp home/pro integrated with SP2 and updated March2007 BY ETHO - Great Releases for sure . AND Very Secure.

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    I use the latest Etho windows xp pro corporate release just like torrenty.

    Currently I'm about to format to a clean install of :

    I've had bad experience with those post installers. Sometimes you have to just do too much, but if the Indigo release is all silent installs, that would be nice.

    Too bad I don't have a demonoid account. If it ever makes its way out to another tracker or irc I may check it out.
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