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    I'm interested in making a new skin (or a few), would be high quality. I'm not too sure on the XML side of things though. If anyone knows of an XML Slicer I could use, or any other program which will make it much easier - please let me know. Also, if I can't find a program...if anyone with XML experience would like to help lemmie know. I can do a few images etc.

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    A couple of resources are available.

    1) Check out the official Kazaa web site ( and check out the create-a-skin FAQ as well as the PDF available on the same page (it contains the XML definitions that a Kazaa skin file can use to be read). Note that this is practically the only reason I'd recommend the original Kazaa site - KMD is crap!
    2) You can check the program Skinaaza, but I've yet to find a skin that can work properly in it. I can't remember the URL for the site but put 'Skinaaza' or similar on Google and you should be able to find it.
    3) As a way to help other would-be skinners, I am currently doing a full comprehensive analysis of the XML file of my own skin, KLA. This should be available in the next couple of weeks on a page of my in-development web site, after I've checked through it all (Explained about 40% of it).

    Hope they help.


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