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Thread: Help on FTPing

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    i need someone to tell me the most comprehensive tut on how to FTP because my XBOX is really shitty

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    first, does your pc network card is well configured ? driver installed ?
    are you sure you have a inverted lan cable, assuming that you connected your PC to your XBOX directly. (no router in the middle)

    then set a static IP

    go to : Start -> Settings -> Network connections -> left click on ''local area conn. -> properties -> in the midle window, chose ''internet protocol..'' -> properties -> click on ''use the following IP''

    Now enter a ip adress of your choice.. Still, I suggest you to follow the common syntax : <- remplace xxx by numvbers of your choice (2 to 255)

    Don't use 1 as your last digit, It will be much easier later on..

    For the subnet mask :

    refer to wikipedia or something similar if your not sure to know how subnet mask work.

    So, let say the IP of your Pc is
    subnet mask is
    and defaut gateway is


    go to your xbox, go in any dash you want, let say evox, go to settings then change the IP in there (can't remember wich button to press..) then you will have a digits and letters menu, enter a new IP for your XBOX following the same pattern of your PC's IP excepting the last digit field.

    PC is :
    XBOX could be :

    confirm the IP in the menu, then go in to complete bottom of the config page, and press confirm changes or something.. If you just exit the config menu without confirming changes, it will not work..

    Try also Unlesh, meaby more user friendly..

    Finaly, use a FTP program like FlashFXP and then creat a new connection.

    You will need to enter 3 things. your Xbox IP :

    your login name : xbox
    password : xbox

    (xbox login/pass, is the defaut settings for evox, to be sure, browse inside the evox .ini file. You will find login and password there.

    If you use a modchip like the Xecuter 3.. then it would be x3 for login and password.

    Its crucial that you find that stuff first.

    once you will have 1XBMC installed, it will be quite easier to transfer data from pc to your xbox since XBMC can work with windows Network places.
    Really easy to do too.. Can't explain more now sorry.

    Meaby you should also verify if there is any firewall activated.. windows firewall could meaby be a problem.

    If you need more info,

    Go to Xbox-scene, in the tutorial section, you will find better guides than mine and with pictures..

    good luck.
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