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Thread: Trading Nightmares

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    Describe your trade that has gone the worst and ended up much worse than you expected. And i you remember say who it was with

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    My worst trade ever was with JRod (, from HDBits

    -------- JRod wrote: --------
    so, give me vipmusic invite and you will get TT!!!
    I sent him a vipmusic invite, but he didn't send me a TT invite, pretexting he had to wait because invites were disabled (which was more or less true)
    He got disabled for cheating 2 days later on vipmusic..

    Anyway it's been 3 weeks now, and he's ignoring my PM's on HDBits.
    Also, he told me that he was an uploader on TT... I don't know if it's true or not but if it's true, I'm not sure getting invites are that difficult.
    And the fact that he's only accepting PMs from users in his friends list now makes me thing is an asshole
    I hope he's not in FST..

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    I traded a T-Leech acct for 6 month rapid share with a guy named ProBaller92

    He sent me lots of non-working log/passes and then got a warning on his T-Leech acct after 2 days...what a muppet..... Oh well no big loss I suppose....My worst though....oh and I traded a perfectly good 19'' crt for my mates ipod which broke 1 week later..what a bastard....and no returns either....

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    mine wasnt a bad trade but it was a messed up one.

    a trader named zamalek was going to give me an invite to metalbits for an OiNK invite,he sent his last invite,the link didnt work cuz he went first,and tried to get ahold of admin and staff and to no avail =\
    i was sad....... i wanted that site forever. i appreciated what he did and dude was honest with me. so i cant say he was a bad trader but that was the only bad experience on this board ive ever had. i can say the rest of my trades or gives were SUCCESS =D =D =D =D

    edit:i just wish metalbits woulda let me on,i really wanted that site too =|
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    I used to be on another invite trading forum, and I left there because the mods have absolutely no idea what their job is nor are they very bright.

    I offered, for free, invites to ViPmusic and the first person to PM me was a mod, Saffy. When I first checked my inbox to see if anyone was interested, I saw that she sent me 5 PMs - 4 were the same, asking for an invite and also stating that because she was a mod she didn't have to show ratios (very arrogant in my opinion even though the rules agree) and the other one said that she had an internet problem and that's why I had 4 same PMs.

    So I invite her, Saffy - I send her a pm to say so and I post in the thread that I gave her one. I just made a comment about the internet troubles and then said she should check her mailbox because I sent the invite. I don't know what was wrong with her, but she blows up and tells me off in the thread, creates the account and trades it to some other member. At first I was furious that someone could jump to conclusions so quickly and do such a thing. Even another person I invited posted in the thread that she should go easy on me cuz I still gave out free invites. That guy got a warning, or a strike one if you will, just for that.

    I posted that it was just a misunderstanding and I pmed Saffy to explain that nothing was meant by it, as if you could take it any other way honestly. I kept cool and that PM was polite.

    So what happens? Another mod gets involved and has the gall to tell me to quit it and respect the mods. I did nothing wrong, I did only good for that community and I then posted that I did not need to be disrespected and cancelled my account there. Don't know what happened after but to all of you, never signup to Javelin Invites.

    I give free invites to VipMusic, TL, and christiantorrents and what does that get me there?

    Anyways, FST is a good place, I've been treated with only respect so far
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