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Thread: Age Of Mythology

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    and i still cant play it. it says insert cd 1 and it wont work. ? what file do i need to make this work with or witthout the cd's, and where do i place this file? thx

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    is it a bin or rip or iso? you need to explain more

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    You need to get a no-cd patch from

    It should be an exe - simply replace the current exe with the new one in the folder that you installed your game to.

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    well i have tried 2 different patches from the websites. an exe file and a nocd loader file. still wont work. got it from verifieds and is iso file

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    Did you patch AoM?

    If you did, did you get the right version of the no-cd?

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    i did an aom patch and it was the latest version. it plays the preview then quits. and i have tried other downloads and did the same with no results. i must be useing the wrong patch or nocd_loader


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