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Thread: apachie

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    Hi, ok i notice alot of people set up hosting on there own computer that seems alot cheaper than paying mega bux to a hosting company. i know i need apachie ect but i just need alot more info.

    what apachie is easy to set up?

    what requiremants does my pc need?

    could i run a seedbox on my computer?

    what will i need to full get it working ect?

    any info id be very greatfull

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    Well you wouldn't run a seedbox on your computer, that's just the same as opening a torrent client, plus you don't have a 10mbit or more duplex connection.

    As for webhosting, go to google and look up a tutorial for installing Apache, and commonly also PHP and MySQL. It's a good webserver. Also, you won't need much to run it.

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    U got Bitme mate check for tuts

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    sounds great.. so if i set up this on my computer would i be able to run seedbox on my hosting??
    im a newbie at all this apachie and stuff..


    whats biteme lol? i am sorry for the stupid questions
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    You can't run a seedbox on your home computer, it's no different than just installing uTorrent.A seedbox is a remote server used to download/seed Torrents with datacenter connections.


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