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Thread: Laptop cooler

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    i think my laptop is in need of a laptop cooler...

    the temp on it all the time is prity much 72c when its hooked up to my new 20" WS LCD monitor.

    so the fan on the laptop is always on and spinning as fast as it can to cool the laptop so it gets realy annoying, nerly sounds as loud as my computer.

    the laptop is sat with its back agenst the wall with a window about 20cm up from it. and its on a wooden desk.

    so im thinking of getting 1 of them laptop coolers...

    anyone here used them?
    do they sound loud? (would i be able to hear it?
    1 i found on ebay i like runs at around 21dBA, also has a HUB hub in it which is nice

    what u guys think i should do about my laptop, should i get a laptop cooler or try something else?

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    Yes they do. I had a laptop that used to turn itself off after overheating and one of these laptop coolers did the trick to solve the problem. Mind you I did not get mine from ebay and it cost me around 25 for mine. I would go for the best quality one you can get cause some of this crap sold on ebay is really cheap and nasty.

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    Laptops really like overheating. I was having a lot of lockups, and it almost felt like it was going to burn my lap when I set it there.

    I picked up a cooler at bestbuy. It works to cool my laptop off, but I think it is loud and adds a 'clunkiness' that really makes me hate using it.

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    what lappy do u have? sounds like its crazy overworked. i can play medieval 2 4 like a 1/2(on my lap) b4 it overheats or gets too hot for me comfort.

    do remember.. hi-temps=low sperm think about it!


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