I was wondering how to connect my _registered_ Internet Download Manager (IDM 5.9) through the tor network.

I have connected other programs through tor manually, notably firefox and gaim, and I have found IDM's proxy configuration page (Downloads>Options>Proxy).

The only options, however, are "Use HTTP Proxy", "Use HTTPS Proxy", "Use FTP Proxy", and "Use FTP Proxy in PASV mode".

From experience I know that Tor uses a Socks 5 Proxy, but I configured it as an HTTP proxy anyway just for the hell of it; after all I was downloading from an http website.

As you can predict, I got an error that said something like 'Tor is not an HTTP Proxy'... So I was wondering if there was _any_ way of connecting IDM 5.9 through Tor.

I know I might be grasping for straws here, but it never hurts to ask!