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Thread: ATI Radeon 1650SE

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    Oct 2003
    Hey guys,

    just purchased a new HP computer, which has a 512MB ATI Radeon 1650SE.

    Now it has 2 digital outs, which both work and go to my dual monitors. and 1 small one in the middle, s-video maybe? It's round with little circles in the middle .

    I've gone from this into my TV, but it dosent work. Any ideas why? Does it need to be 'activated' at all.

    Any help would be gratfully recieved. tar!.

    (ps- sorry i'm not really talking techy!)

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    Yes, it needs activating.

    Right click on the desktop and select properties, then settings.

    This link will tell you about it, though it may be a little out of date.
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