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    Anyone have good working online multiplayer games that I can download? I tried playing Jedi Outcast and Age of Empires, but the multiplayer options dont work. Is it possible for me to download multiplayer games or do I have to buy the CD to play them? Thankyou.

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    many downloaded onliners work (providing u manage to get a serial if required)
    but on MOST occasions if it is usable online its normally with original version, in other words if it gets patched up u may have trouble applying new patch, leaving you out in the cold and not many ppl left to play online with

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    I just played Moto GP2 on gamespy.....the best racing game i have played. no lagg at all

    I have also played Rouge Spear on gamespy about a year ago

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    ut works good on multiplayer is also a lot of fun!!

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    yeah but rune ownz


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