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Thread: Hunting And Poaching

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    I'm right, right, i'm bloody well right

    to hunt any animals i deem worthy prey

    i fancy chasing a fat man with a shotgun

    and there's nothing more satisfying then goin out with me matesand hunting a few bears.

    if i could hunt gorillas i would as well

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    Poacher ?

    Do you ever rape the carcus ?

    You can chase Rubin(from american Idol) ,I hear he needs to loose some weight.AHHAha
    Is hunting bears for sport really fun.
    Besides its gotta be very heavy to carry back to camp once you've shot it.

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    we usually cut the carcas with a knife and take the pieces we want

    if its a bear, we usually just take the paws

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    lol that way its a easy carry.

    My gun is only good in my house and the range ,are you a member of the NRA ?

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    no, there's no nra in britain

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    What do you guys call it then.

    I love Charlton Heston .

    If I was to go on a hunt in south america to shoot gorrilas for fun,this is how it would go down.

    "Look over there ","Where " I would reply.
    "Over there,hes comming into the open".

    "Ahhh hes a beauty ,look hes going near the bait"I would say w/ great anticipation.
    "easy easy he got the banana now"

    Booom Boom ,(thats the sound of my shotgun)
    Click click reloaded ,my guide gets down to check if the gorrilla is dead yet.
    Boom Bomm
    (thats the sound of me shooting my guide because he ripped me off for an illegal animal poach)

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    if me and my mates had more money we would travel to africa and hunt gorillas.

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    After I hide the guides body I see the gorilla trying to eat the banana before he dies.

    "Get your dam hands off the banana ,you DAM DIRTY APE!!!"

    So why africa ?

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    where else could you hunt gorillas?

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    I say you can kill anything if your gonna use it. dont just waste it atleast feed it to your dog. Like Killing people, alot of murders should smarten up and eat they're prey not just burry them in the woods or toss them in the river. Thats clumbsy. You can do alot with a human carcus. The meat can be eaten and fed to your family and friends. The skull will make a nifty paper weight. the other big bones that arent too suspicious looking can be given to your dog so he can chew on. and the rest of the bones can be grinded down and made into fertilizer. As for the organs and things you can find a buyer on the black market and even pull in some $$ while your at it. So you see if we are going to hunt lets do so resposibly we dont want to kill off a resourse either. There arent many Siberian tigers so lets cut back on those and kill wildebeast and antelope.


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