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Thread: Windows Xp

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    my windows xp shows a lot of currupt files and my 4 to 6 kazaa downloads were lost i dont know how but when i restart my windows i dont see that download in kazaa and when i saw it in my shared folder that specific dat was gone????the task manager file is alos currupt.i dont remember the .exe name.

    i have updated my windows xp by that small blue icon on the taskbar it has downloaded sp1.

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    come on guys i had not expected this

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    i had same problems updating xp corp, comp went haywire after getting the critcal updates hard drive just slowed right down and lots of errors i kept getting when excuting certain programs and their was no virus's
    it seems some critical updates can do more harm than good, they aint for everybodys computer with diffrent specs.

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    Get the sharereactor Windows XP 8IN1
    I had the same problem with XP from Kazaa I couldn't get any to work so I went to Sharereactor and got a link for Emule the download took a day and is excellent it boots from cd and will even partition and format your c: drive

    Don't get it from kazaa as you can't trust the integrity enough for an Operating System and Emule has built in corruptiom detection and redownload "Broken Parts". mine worked fine first time

    Always check iso's with CD Mage just in case.

    Also do a fresh install of an OS especially a new one as many of your drivers wont work and it's a bitch to sort out, not too bad if you upgrade from 2000 but?

    Don't bother with anything else this is the only xp disk you need

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    Originally posted by vegeta@2 June 2003 - 12:53
    come on guys i had not expected this
    What is it you want? Are you asking something or???????


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