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Thread: 3000 P2p Users Busted In Italy

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    From another board...
    The last few days the italian police has busted about 3000 kazaa, morpheus or other p2p users.The have been traced with sniffing their lines. Their payment is gone be 1032 eur ( about same in us dollars.)
    source: RTL nieuws
    This is news to me, although I can't read it, its not in English

    I was wondering why PeerGuardian was blocking so many probes from Telecom Italia........ 
    No Shit, especially while running Shareaza, non stop.

    Did they go after downloaders or just uploaders?

    Had a feeling something was up with that.

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    yeh this company is non stop on emule and edonkey network like over 100 blocks in 2 hours using emule
    telcom italia, fooking idiots

    but i never noticed them on kazaa strange.

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    There is a thread on this is in the lounge

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    Originally posted by ijc_2003@2 June 2003 - 12:39
    yeh this company is non stop on emule and edonkey network like over 100 blocks in 2 hours using emule
    telcom italia, fooking idiots

    but i never noticed them on kazaa strange.
    They are starting to appear on Kazaa - I got these three reports on PG on the day of this post and I think they've appeared in some of my others in the past couple of days

    Connection forcefully closed on: - Telecom Italia
    Connection forcefully closed on: - Telecom Italia
    Connection forcefully closed on: - Telecom Italia

    Just proves that now is a good time to keep updating PG regularly!

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    Originally posted by loz@2 June 2003 - 16:25
    There is a thread on this is in the lounge
    i cant find it loz mabaye put up a link cheers, as i tried searching for telecom italia

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    I'm not italian but i live in Italy ,ok here the news ,i translated for you with altavista.

    This is from Republlica newspaper:

    The marshal speaks about the Finance that intercepts who discharge from Internet films and songs protect from the copyright "Therefore has given the hunting to who exchanges rows on the Web" of MARK MENSURATI MILAN - "Ok, published also my name and last name, but for charity not the nickname. If they discover in the communities on-linens to me we burn surveyings and then we must recommence all from head ". The marshal of the Provincial Nucleus of the financial police of Milan, David D' Augustin is one of the men who give a pair of years inquire on several the foreheads of the pirateria on-linens. Key man of the inquiry is he it on shakes it Italian accused of violation of the copyrights in order to have unloaded, from the situated ones specializes to you, musical rows mp3, film, and software. He knows very well that its role - from when the law is last that punishes also the simple ones downloader, those that they unload from the net - is one of most unpopular of the web. And he knows very well also that, yesterday, nearly all the situated ones of information that brought back the news of surveying have been intasati from messages of protest, launch comment and worry from the customers. And he is perhaps for that its tone seems a po' dispiaciuto. "But however - it says rassegnato - this is the law and we could not make other". - Publicity - Marshal what is changed with this law? "he is changed that now more the simple exchange of material covered from the copyrights is not punished only the commerce but also. Many say that it has been be a matter of an intentional law from the record houses, but to we this does not have to interest ". Which are the direct consequences of this innovation? "That, in theory, they can answer penal, all the customers who exchange one song unloaded from Internet". In theory? ", in theory. Because in practical, those that exchange music on linens are too many. To the fine ones it will be impossible to pursue them ". But you have made it... "About the surveying that is still in course I cannot speak. But we are making reference to decidedly various units of largeness ". However the technical possibility to identify for one all those that they exchange mp3 on the Net exists. "Yes, it exists. But as I said alone in theory. All the customers of Kkazaa and Morpheus leave traces. Indeed, to being precise, all the customers of the Net leave traces. Traces that last to along, also two years. Whichever thing you make on the net remains in some memory ". Which are the characteristics of an inquiry of this type? "They are surveyings in continuous evolution, like of the rest the techniques used from who commits crimes on-linens. A time the situated ones were found on which they came promoted the products prohibits to you. The demands arrived via email, and the product left for mark mails them. Today there is the peer to peer, two computer that is connected between of they and the game is made ". How is made one ciber inquiry? "part from the search engines. From Google, as an example or from Altavista. Groups of conversation) to topic are attempted newsgroup (, are infiltrated to us covering the own identity behind nickname credible. And cues investigated to you are attempted, like situated suspiciones and addresses email ". Then? "Then it is returned to the traditional one: laughed them to the name of the manager of the situated one and search is made one. To that point it is entered in possession of addresses email of the customers and the suppliers. In some case it is necessary to intercept, of usual enough to follow it on the net and to see as it is behaved and that type of activity carries out, the given size of the traffic. In these months I have seen of all: people that on the hard disk had 120 giga of mp3: that it wants to say approximately 25mila brani ". Which people were? "Students, employ to you, professionals, common people neanche much expert of Internet that never would have thought to end in the troubles for some song". (31 May 2003)

    The original article (in italian)

    Another from Republlica newspaper :

    Milan, inquiry of the Finance after the debut of the new norms on the copyright. Between the accusations, also the Copyright receiving, arrives the first raid online Scaricare music and film is a crime. Warnings and denunciations to squall of LUCA FAZZO and MARK MENSURATI MILAN - Settantacinque persons inquired for violation of the copyright and receiving, and an army of shakes it denounced customers of the web that in these days they come identifies to you and for the same reasons. But the inquiry of the Financial police of Milan on the pirati ones of the net of which Republic it has come to acquaintance is without previous also for the radical carried out one whom it marks in the judicial approach to the circulation via Internet of music, video, software. Joining technical sophisticated of computer science surveying to the legislative modifications entered in vigor the slid month, one is succeeds in to you to hit not only situated that diffuse material covered from copyright, but also the exchange directed between customers of the net, the peer-to-peer that it constitutes - after the offensive American against Napster and its successory ones - the main channel of circulation of the "electronic knowledge". The first cue has come from announcements buying and selling on some newsgroup of gets passionate to you. From here, it coordinates you from the prosecuting attorney Gianluca Bragh˛, the "Basques greens" of the Finance are leave themselves to the onslaught of the account of e-mail and the serveur that distribute protected material from article 171 of the law on the copyright who prohibits the exchange of works, even if this happens nonprofit. To commit crime, he recites the law entered in vigor the 29 you open them 2003, is not only who "he places in commerce, he sells, he rents" but also who "yields to whichever title protect material it": even if he is gratis, even if it is to freeshare that from always imperversa on the net. It has been a technically ostica surveying, forced to chase "IP nearly always dynamic", you address whose real adressee changes to every electronic address five minuteren, and account only apparently Italian, behind which they are hidden unseizable situated moldavi, lituani and of other countries of Europe orient them. - Publicity - But from an office crowded of it finishes them in peripheral barracks of the Finance, a square of marshals becomes to you segugi informed has succeeded equally to reconstruct step after step the traces of the pirati ones of the web. With you decree granted from the judge for preliminary surveyings, for before the time they have been intercepts in massive way also the messages to you of e-mail - often cripta you - than supplying and customers exchanged themselves: the managers of the serveur have been forced from the Financial police to inaugurate of "lock", of the e-mail case-shadow which all the messages arrived in copy assign you to inquire to you. Once the archives enter to you in the heart of the "pages", those with the directory of the accessible products (music in Mp3 format, film first vision, software of every kind and the immancabile porno), the financiers therefore have been able to stilare a directory of the final customers. And to follow, always through the computer science interceptions, the traces that had left. A meticulous job that has carried to the location of shakes it persons, downloader that in recent months they had unloaded all the possible one. "These subjects are not hacker, neither pirati - employment of the Yellow flames explains a commander of the ready Square, Mario Piccinni Lion - are common people. Professionals, students, employ to you. The homely ones, we call them ". At the moment many of shake it are still ignoti. The investigators are resolutions to identify some approximately two hundred. But it is meaningful that between these there are also two marshals of the police officers, communal putting and an university investigator. Hand by hand that they come identifies to you, the "homely ones" - than they are connected to the net from all Italy - comes denounced to the competence power of attorney that will estimate if to proceed also for the receiving crime, that is for detainment of material of illicit origin, beyond that for that one of .

    The original article(in italian)

    So , i don't know what to say about ,if you have some comments.....

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    Here's the same topic posted in the lounge

    It does go of topic towards the end though

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    Originally posted by loz@2 June 2003 - 18:50
    It does go of topic towards the end though
    A LITTLE...

    It is not even worth looking at, sorry to say.

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    Shereaza is a very sharespicious App!

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    Well, now we have a nay sayer for Shareaza, we have plenty on ES5 as shown in other post. Funny the one that seems to be the most suspicious though, is KaZaa itself.

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