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Thread: Would this increase/decrease/make know difference to quality?

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    I have quite an old TV that only has RF input and a VCR that has RF and RCA.

    If I connected my PS2/Xbox to the VCR With RCA cables, and then connected the VCR to the TV with an RF, would the quality be any better than going direct from the console to the TV with inferior RF?
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    there will be no noticeable difference other than interference when using the VCR due to the extra cabling used.

    either way uses the same method of converting your audio/video signal into one in which your TV can receive(channel 3 or 4).

    that's all your VCR becomes. an RF switch. a bit bigger then most(hehe), but still the same thing.

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    In theory, if your VCR has a better RF generator than the console you could get an improved picture.

    However, since you are adding an extra step I wouldn't bet on it.

    If you've got the cables, why not just try it? You can let us know the outcome.
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