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Thread: is usernet worth it

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    I have been aware of newgroups for a while but since I am having trouble with my torrent accounts I am wondering if the 14$ a month is worth it.

    I have been told to use the following combination if i do and usenetserver

    So any comments would be welcolme.


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    Use some of the free nzb seach engines to see if newsgroups have what you are looking for, and within the the retention period. Basically, if you plan on getting movies, you'll need an unlimited account, for audio only a block account may suffice.

    Check with your ISP to see if they have news servers and note the monthly download limits (if any) and retention periods. In the US Comcast and Verizon have decent but limited news servers.

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    if in doubt try the usenetserver $3, 3 day trial.

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    Or use first to see if usenet has what you need.
    Just keep in mind the retention dates.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kasen View Post
    if in doubt try the usenetserver $3, 3 day trial.

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    If your looking for a solution that you can use in conjunction with torrents then Usenet is great. Personaly I prefer Usenet over torrents anyday. No sharing worries. No worries about seeds etc, if its there you can get it at high speed.

    Also, no worries that you may miss out on something due to not enough seeders or half way through a download the seeds leave. Usenet is easy, its either there or not. Also some usenet servers have retention around 100 days so you know its going to be available long term.

    The combination you mention is working great for me. I guess you have to weigh up if the $14.95 is worth it to ensure something is available for 100 days or so and remove the sharing side.

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    But, it depends on the quantity. I agree with what knight76 said, as long as you download non-stop. I'd rather pay $15 for 7 rented movies than $15/month and a few dollars for the DVDs...

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    To me, I would MUCH rather pay for access to a newsgroup provider than to pay to have a "seedbox" for bit torrent.

    On newsgroups, you don't have to worry about uploading back files....that makes it woth it right there for me. It has been about a YEAR since I have found anything I even wanted on private BT sites anymore. I basically use newsgroups exclusively now as uploading back is simply too much of a pain for me.

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    I can only say take the plunge and find out. With nzb sites of today it has never been easier to get into usenet.
    Life in the fast lane usenet freak

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    Can't answer because my ISP's unlimited server is doing the job for free.

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    i don't think its worth it,
    id rather rent the dvds..

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