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    I would like to know your opinions about e-mule!
    I have a 512k connection and I haven't been into downloading and sharing for long, and I don't have a big HD yet, so I'm only sharing 3 games, a few movies,videoclips and some programs.
    I have tried to use e-mule, but I have installed and unistalled it 4 times , because it won't start downloading!!
    Everytime I wait for like 45 mins, and all I get is 0.01k or something!! k-lite is a lot faster but has a lot of corrupted stuff.
    Does e-mule work slowly because I don't share enough?! or is there another reason for that?!
    What about e-donkey?! I haven't tried that one yet.

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    eMule is just slow. Give it time. A lot of time.

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    emule is good for software.. but recently Kazaa has been getting better about it. Kazaa is best for movies and music.

    or something along those lines. Who knows who cares ...


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    Originally posted by Battousai 1983@2 June 2003 - 05:33
    Kazaa is best for movies and music.

    For Music?!

    *And this should be in filesharing.Why do I always have to show the MODs what to do? *

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    Thanks, i'll try it again..
    and apologies for posting this in the wrong place (lounge).
    stupid me...


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