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    hey everyone i was wondering if you could help me. i have an 80gb hdd and alot of downloads etc etc that i want to back up.....2 or so gigs worth. i dont want to have to put it all onto cd cos im lazy. but what i want to do is reformat my win 2k instalation. i was wondering if there was a way to make a say 20 gig partition move all i want to save to it and then format the other partition and install windows on that. any suggestions welcome

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    You'll need to get a copy of partition magic. Prefferably PM7, less buggy.
    If you have a lot of free room, make sure the drive has been fully defragged and then resize the existing partition down to the minimum plus about 20% slack.
    Then create any new partitions you want in the free space.
    If they're NTFS too, then do a copy and paste to the new folder and delete the old files if it's a successful move.
    It's safer to move the files that way yourself than allow PM to do it. If PM screws up, it just tosses out all your data instead of rolling back.
    When everything you want to save has been moved, and the old files deleted, you can resize the OS partition again to where you want to keep it, delete the partition, do a secure wipe, and format.
    Your ready to reinstall!

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    thanx man thats twice you've sorted out a problem for me


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