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Thread: Hottest Anime Girl ?

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    As seen on other boards, but never here....So, let's see....
    How about Pirotess the Dark Elf from Record of Lodoss War ?

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    thats all i gotta say to that one

    /me goes looking for some pics

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    To anyone and everyone who disagrees with tyk's above comment above then

    Btw: Great post above. I agree with just about everything you said.

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    Finally found a worthwhile picture of deedlit to accompany Pirotess...

    And to bump of course... just a little...

    /edit: fixed link

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    Originally posted by mrtilley@10 June 2003 - 00:42
    who is hentai, I searched for her on the internet for a anime films she has been in all I could find were lots of porn sites; so is she the equivilent of jenna jameson? If not then some one said that the audience that watch this is 15yr olds does that mean anime is marketed wrong, please let me know what movie she is in
    Ummm, no. Hentai is anime porn, it's just a style of porn. And secondonly what he was saying is the average anime girl (not necessarily hentai girl) is drawn to look around the age 15.

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    Some of you people really make me sick. I watch anime for a few moths... But lately became a great fan of this kind of animation. Learned a little (becouse the subject is HUGE&#33... Internet, press, etc, also met a lot of people interested in the same topic. And no, not everyone who likes M&A is a pervert. And as some of you may wrongly think it isn't child porn!

    First thing I'd like to explain is what hentai is. I'm no expert but it pisses me of when ppl say thinsg like what Bait Master just said. Hentai is like a porn. Yep, we have porno, Japanees have hentai. The thing that you're talking about is a subcategory of hentai named Tentacle (the name says everything).

    You say fucked up shit? Maybe so, I don't watch it, becouse it's simply too much for me. But aren't the things people do in real the same? Those in anime are nothing compared to what some ppl can do in real life!!

    Characters in hentai aren't aged 15... Do you know why they look like that? Becouse in Japan showing some parts of womens body is forbidden. For example... Sorry, I don't know the english name for that one :/ But the egzample are hair... you know where And when you see a naked girl in hentai with no hair you think "Disgusting anime porn, she's under 15!" but in reality the only reason it is so is the crazy law in Japan... The same is with those tentacles. They started drawing things like that 'couse in their country it's forbidden to show a penis on TV. And a tantacle isn't a penis, is it...? I know this may sound unbelievable, but if you don't believe me, try searching some info about it on the net...

    Summing up... it's not child porn. Thank you for listening, bey!


    I'm truly sorry for once again talking off topic... Really didn't want to, but, I couldn't... It really makes me so angry some times. Ppl talking about something the don't know a damn thing about.

    As for a kawaii (not the hottest...) girl in anime... Chii is cute. Mink from Dragon Pink is awesome. also this elf from Elven Bride, don't remember the name... and Pink from Dragon Pink. [end of second episode LOL!] But, I'm no expert.

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    I vote for Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII

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    ewwwwww dude ur crazy she's ugly hell

    now thats HOT!!!

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    Originally posted by dumbster@7 June 2003 - 17:21
    They're CARTOONS dammit!
    Heck maybe the next HD tv's will have a virtual love slot to insert your manhood!
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    Originally posted by AznRocky@16 July 2003 - 05:49
    ewwwwww dude ur crazy she's ugly hell

    now thats HOT!!!
    So your either a girl, or gay, because thats a picture of Squall, A GUY!

    What are you smokin? Aside from Rinoa, the only other more realistic anime girl is Aki, from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. (oh and that chick from the Animatrix)

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